Over the years Physical Digital have worked with many universities, colleges and UTC’s providing presentations to engineering students, taking on work experience placements from local secondary schools and supporting Formula Student teams with our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services. This year we have decided to support a student with his “year in industry”, which is a great opportunity and is very exciting for us. We very much see the value in supporting our future engineers and educating them on the importance of metrology and helping students gain an understanding of high-accuracy 3D optical measurement.

Last year we had the pleasure of Courtney joining our team for 10 weeks over the summer from Cambridge university, who found the time she spent with us very beneficial and enjoyed the industry experience. We were then invited to Cambridge university to deliver a presentation to her fellow students on how 3D scanning, quality inspection and reverse engineering services support our customers. Courtney presented what she had learnt over the course of the summer and it was a great event all round.

This year we have decided to work with a student on a more long-term basis and are delighted to welcome Harry to our team from Portsmouth University. Harry has recently completed his third year at university studying towards a master’s in mechanical engineering and now joins the Physical Digital team for his “year in industry” placement.

Harry commented; “After completing my third year at university, I feel confident in my abilities as an engineer. I hope to be able to apply some of what I have learnt and see how the course relates to industry over the next year. Considering that metrology is not taught in much detail, I am delighted that Physical Digital have offered me the opportunity to work for them for my “year in industry” placement . I am excited to get stuck into an area of engineering I know very little about and learn key skills about working in industry for the first time.”

Understanding 3D scanning and metrology

Over the course of the next year Harry will begin shadowing some of our team members to learn the requirements for each role within the business. This will be supported by a full training and development plan that will see Harry pick up some of the key skills required as an application engineer and metrologist. Part of this will include understanding the importance of environmental control when completing 3D scanning as well as how we ensure our 3D measurements are fully traceable, equipment maintenance and understanding our quality management systems. It will also include time spent with the design and reverse engineering side of the business. Harry will become a fully-fledged member of the team over the next year, assisting with delivering our in-house and mobile 3D scanning and inspection services and will document his learning journey over the period, completing case studies for him to reflect on when his year at Physical Digital is over.

Harry stated; “My aims for when I finish my year in industry are to gain knowledge and skills in metrology that will help my final year of study and benefit my entire professional career as an engineer, develop soft skills relating to the business side, including visiting companies and developing a network. I’d like to improve knowledge on how a company markets itself and conducts itself on social media as well as become more confident when presenting to a group.”

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on Harry’s journey throughout the next year.

To understand more about how our 3D scanning, quality inspection and reverse engineering services could benefit your business or if you are a college or university that would like to speak with us about educational opportunities, please to call us on 01483 750200 or email info@physicaldigital.com