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Automated Measurement

Providing accuracy for Quality Control

Physical Digital’s automated measurement service is the ideal solution for your multi-part or high-volume inspection, offering a significant cost-saving to manual, single-part systems. Our GOM ATOS Scanbox 5120 is a robotic optical measurement system with automatic precision calibration, from which high levels of accuracy and traceability are achieved.

Automation delivers accuracy whilst being efficient and cost-effective

Our automated measurement service delivers 3D scan data and analysis for industrial components up to 2m x 2m2 in size meaning this option is ideally suited for objects such as turbines, interior vehicle components, providing efficient quality control in the production process and a vital insight into manufacturing stability.

Offering detailed resolution at high speed, our automated measurement services offer huge advantages over manual based measurements due to the precise monitoring of environmental factors, elimination of human error and the repeatable measurement process. Calibration is handled automatically ensuring high process stability.

The robotic operated sensor can capture up to 16 million independent measuring points per scan within two seconds, making this an extremely time-efficient measurement solution, reducing man-hours and therefore decreasing the overall cost of your project.

The ScanBox offers a complete solution to capture, process and manage your data using its built-in specialist software package.

More on our automated measurement services

The benefits of automated measurement services

The ATOS ScanBox is a full-field mechanical measuring system that comprises of the hardware, ATOS professional software and the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) software. The benefit of having a complete solution is that it is fully programmable, capturing up to 16 million points within 1-2 seconds. This automated system is ideally suited for the repeat measurement of products or batch inspection.

Other benefits include:

•Full traceability – This is achieved using a certified Probing Spacing Artefact (PSA) with a known chain of measurements, with associated uncertainties, back to a world standard.

•The ability to fully automate the inspection process allows for a reduction in the production cycle, offering a quicker time to market with no reduction in quality.

•Reduction in programming and processing time means that this is a cost-effective solution.

•Easy to interpret reports are provided in a visual format that allow engineers to demonstrate the results of scanning and inspection.

•Fixtures designed & manufactured in-house specifically for the part/s aids stability and repeatability, resulting in an overall cost reduction on the entire measurement project.

The importance of traceability

Traceability is the ability to define the unbroken chain of events that occurred in order to deliver the inspection result. It is achieved when the exact parameters of the calibration, measurement, geometry and reports can be distinguished, in order to verify the original component back to a validated artefact or standard.

Traceability is important as it creates a chain of custody and liability for the measured part. The GOM optical measurement system and quality inspection software offers unprecedented traceability compared to other methods, such as laser scanners and arm based systems, because all measuring and reporting is carried out within a single piece of software, which records the following:

•Calibration results

•All measurement information

•Part numbers can be recalled via digital imaging

•Temperature is recorded

•Processing and post processing operations

•Parametric reporting is offered

The GOM ATOS optical measurement system is a self-monitoring system which is certified by German national standards VDI/VDE (2634)

Fixture design and process optimisation

Our team of skilled metrologist and design engineers can also work with you to design and manufacture bespoke, high-end fixtures used to increase process stability and speed up work flows involved in part preparation, loading and measurement. See our design service page for more information on how this can support your project.

Inspection programming for automated measurement

In addition to providing measurement with our own high-end equipment, we also offer our expertise to program your own GOM ScanBox measurement systems, across the range of series, ensuring that your project runs efficiently and achieves the desired outcome.

With the recognition and increasing adoption of GOM scanning systems across the breadth of the UK engineering sector, Physical Digital is able to meet the demand for and provide a turnkey solution for automated data capture and inspection. Custom programming allows the ScanBox to execute a measurement and inspection plan, delivering results in a format of you choosing all through the GOM Kiosk Interface. This solution allows comprehensive inspection to be executed with minimal need for training

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