Scorpion Ribs Project

Scorpion Ribs Ltd approached Physical Digital® about assisting them with the reproduction of a legacy part that was required to be remodelled for one of their boats. The CAD models and drawings no longer existed for the part and our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services provided a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to enable Scorpion Ribs to go on and have this part re-manufactured.

Staying at the forefront of Rib design

Scorpion Ribs Ltd have become a world class rib and super yacht tender manufacturer and always strive for perfection. Physical Digital have worked with the team at Scorpion Ribs on a number of projects, where they have required accurate CAD data for a various models where the original CAD models no longer existed or required design modifications. This work was completed as part of major re-design projects that were required not only to enhance the product range, but to help stay at the forefront of rib design and maintain Scorpion Rib’s reputation as world class rib manufacturers.

In a particular example Physical Digital were commissioned to provide 3D optical scanning and reverse engineering services for one of Scorpion Rib’s existing models as the company did not have historical CAD data to assist with the required re-design. Without accurate CAD files the new plugs and moulds would have had to be built by hand, which is a lengthy and labour-intensive process. Having accurate CAD models gave Scorpion Ribs the flexibility to redesign onto their existing hull and deck mould tools, as well as enable them to change and refine new designs to ensure that were a perfect fit first time, whilst maintaining the high level of standard required. Without the hull CAD data, the level of accuracy would have been compromised.

The measurement process

A combination of GOM TRITOP Photogrammetry and GOM ATOS 3D optical metrology systems were used to capture a highly accurate model of the existing bench seat of the rib and plugs, as well as capturing the existing hull. The combination of the two measurement systems were used because of the size of the rib, to ensure the highest level of accuracy was achieved. Using reference points placed around the seat and hull, the photogrammetry system works by calculating the centre of the circular reference points using several images captured using a high resolution DSLR camera.

Calibrated carbon fibre scale bars are used to define a relative scale for the photogrammetry measurement. The reference point cloud generated from the TRITOP system is used to precisely locate the scanning system around the hull to avoid any deviation associated with adding multiple measurements.

The GOM ATOS measurement systems have the ability to use different measuring volumes, which are adjusted on the size of the object, resolution and  accuracy required.  Once the data has been captured, the inspection back to CAD, if available, is quickly achieved using ATOS Professional software.

The output from the scanning process is a high-resolution polygon mesh as an STL file. Using this scan data our skilled in-house design engineer team then recreated the scanned file but with perfect geometry using Siemens NX, a specialist CAD modelling software package, providing a model for Scorpion Ribs to then pass on for reproduction/re-manufacture.

3D scanning helps future-proof legacy models

Kevin Hunt, Production Director at Scorpion Ribs Ltd commented; “To have this reverse engineered model from Physical Digital future-proofs any further design and development of this model. As all historical builds of this hull and plugs were built by hand, we now have the luxury to send new designed parts to third party companies where the plugs can now be cut using CNC milling machines, which results in the production of parts being more time and cost effective.”

“It also assists Scorpion Ribs Ltd with other designed components such as stainless steel A-frames, teak decking etc, by ensuring they fit first time, every time. In addition to the reproduction of parts, the CAD files are also used to produce bespoke coloured renders for our global clientele.”

"To have this reverse engineered model from Physical Digital future-proofs any further design and development of this RIB"

Kevin HuntScorpion Ribs


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