Regimental Statue Project

Physical Digital are proud to provide 3D Scanning services for many customers from the Art and Culture Sector. This is due to the fact our 3D Structured Light Scanning (3DSL) is not only extremely high-accuracy, but is also totally non-contact, making it suitable for items where the surface must not be compromised. The surface detail captured by our metrology systems effectively created a digital twin of this Regimental Statue which was then used for manufacture, and our client is delighted with the outcome.

Regimental Plasticine Sculpture

Uncompromising detail

This magnificent sculpture was four years in the planning, and really brings to life The Royal Scots Greys Monument. With something so beautiful and precious, it requires the utmost care and attention when working with it. Our client, Pemburys Fine Arts, required us to capture the full surface detail of this hand-carved, regimental, plasticine sculpture using the highly accurate Gom ATOS metrology systems. The client’s intention was manufacture the sculpture in Bronze and finished in Hall-marked Stirling Silver. Our high-accuracy, non-contact 3D Scanning systems proved the ideal solution to ensure the geometry was captured fully with every detail, without the compromising the delicate surface.

Utilising the industry-renowned Gom ATOS Metrology systems to complete the 3D Scanning, our measurement experts work with our customers to carefully define requirements. Usually during 3D measurement, un-coded markers are placed directly onto the object in order to accurately orientate the data in 3D space and generate a point cloud. Due to the delicate nature of this statue it was placed into a bespoke fixture, and then markers were placed directly onto the supporting structure, providing an optimised and reduced process cycle time, as well as higher process safety. Images taken using the GOM Photogrammetry system, precisely and accurately triangulate the position of these reference points in space, providing a set of fixed reference points.

Following photogrammetry, high-resolution data was then captured using a Gom ATOS 3DSL metrology system. A phase-shifting fringe pattern was projected directly onto the surface of the statue from different angles by the calibrated cameras, Using specialist software, the data was converted into a polygon mesh, which was then aligned.

Post processing for beautifully, detailed results

As this model was hand-carved from plasticine, the high-accuracy surface detail captured by our GOM Scanners picked up the characteristics of the true surface, meaning that any surface creases and holes from the material used to carve this statue were visible in the scan data. In order to produce a watertight mesh for a robust cast model, our measurement team cleaned any surface imperfections to allow for a even finish once manufactured.

As you can see from the image to the right, the final model which has been finished in Stirling Silver, has turned out beautifully, really showcasing the level of detail that the artist has achieved. Our client, Pemburys Fine Arts, were delighted with the final results as, to use their words, “It worked out perfectly!”.

Physical Digital are specialists in 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Design services for Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Medical, Military, Heritage and Arts. Our expert team can discuss with you the logistics of completing our high-accuracy 3D scanning to suit the requirements of your business. Our Design team are able to support with reverse engineering and design optimisation to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring the the best possible outcome for manufacture.

It work out perfectly!

Pemburys Fine Arts


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