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Power Generation

Power from knowledge

Physical Digital® continues to be a trusted supplier of 3D Structured Light (3DSL) optical scanning services to the power generation industry, offering the UK’s highest resolution 3D measurement equipment for the capture of industrial gas turbines. As measurement specialists, our team understands the industry requirements for improving efficiency and performance of industrial gas turbines and can supply detailed data and inspection reports, providing you with the vital information required for your ongoing product analysis and development.

Improve efficiency with reliable data

Using the unrivalled GOM measurement systems along with our vast industry experience, we offer bespoke solutions for your individual requirements. For multiple-part inspection and long-term 3D scanning projects, our in-house team of trained and experienced engineers can assist with the design and manufacture of fixtures which are fully optimised for batch measurement, ensuring your project runs with ease. For long-term measurement projects of complete engines, turbines or individual blades or vanes, we offer full project management from start to finish working with you throughout to ensure the required tolerances and time frames are achieved.

Utilising our fully mobile measurement solution, our team of engineers will bring the metrology to you. On-site measurement eliminates the cost of transportation of larger items and reduces the downtime of the parts.

The GOM TRITOP Photogrammetry and ATOS scanning systems work in tandem to provide accurate measurements on larger objects. This method is essential for providing the precise, accurate scan data our customers demand. This also has the added benefit to being able to generate multiple-part projects to inspect how parts deviate when they are assembled.

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3D scanning for power generation

The GOM photogrammetry and ATOS scanning systems are perfect for the power generation industry as they provide the most accurate, repeatable measurements in a short time frame. The two measurement systems work in parallel, with the photogrammetry providing the accurate reference point cloud as the base for the high resolution scanning system. This also means that the size of the object that can be captured is increased as there is minimal loss in accuracy when the scanning area increases.

Reverse engineering and design for power generation

Using the reverse engineering tools within Siemens NX, reverse engineering CAD models from scan data can be done accurately and in a short time frame. The reverse engineering process utilises the geometry determined from the detailed inspection reports, which are generated from the GOM inspection software. This is then used for parts such as stream and industrial gas turbine blades and vanes etc, back to the original design intent to allow for CAD models and drawings to be created for CAE and re-manufacture. Casting and machining models can be derived from the same project ensuring continuity between models including interfacing components. Engineering drawings for assembly, inspection and re-manufacture can also be generated to ease the process between digital models and physical parts.

Quality inspection for power generation

Using the blade inspection tools from the GOM Inspect software, Physical Digital can easily measure and inspect specific blade geometry such as;

· Profile mean lines

· Profile centroid

· Profile twist

· Flow inlet/exit angles

· Chord line (bitangential, axial, max)

· Stagger angles

· Camber angles

· Blade pitch

· Throat area/sectional distances

· Leading and trailing edge geometry

With 3D full-field data, high detail and visual inspection can be completed in a short period of time. Using colour map inspection on CAD or specific geometry can quickly become essential for inspecting parts as the visual nature of the report makes identifying defects simple and speedy.

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