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July 2018

3D Scanning heads in an artistic direction

Physical Digital have always worked with a wide variety of clients, spanning a vast number of sectors, so with experience in the automotive industry as well as consumer art, one of our most recent projects with wire frame artist Benedict Radcliffe was an exciting one for us to be involved with. Benedict was commissioned to design a 3D wireframe of a Lamborghini Countach LLP 500 for a US based client, destined to be displayed at a hotel in Las Vegas. With previous wireframe projects, Benedict has relied on blue-prints of vehicles to design the steel structure, which is then cut, moulded and welded by hand.

One of Benedict’s most renowned projects is an Austin FX4, the world-famous London Cab, which is currently placed in Heathrow Terminal 2. Bright orange in colour, the artwork is designed to represent Modern Britain.

One of the obstacles faced by our client is achieving accuracy to provide an exact representation of the required design, which lead Benedict to look for a solution which would enable him to capture as much detail of the vehicles as possible, therefore maintaining authenticity in his designs. Physical Digital’s 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering services could offer Benedict the accuracy and precision required.

Our Team went on-site using our ATOS TRIPTOP photogrammetry equipment and ATOS Triple scan to capture an original vehicle, including finite detail and key features of the Lamborghini. The highly accurate scan data is then brought into one of our many CAD packages from which a 3D model was then created by our skilled Design Engineers.

Working with Benedict provides a fantastic example of how our 3D scanning and reverse engineering projects can support very niche industries and how valuable such accurate data can be to supporting businesses in their future growth and development.

You find out more about Benedict Radcliffe and his wire frame artwork on his website: